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Upon Arrival:

Will I be received at the international/domestic airport?

We provide pick up or drop off service, however, if you have sent us details .

Where will I be received upon arrival at the international/domestic airport?

The incoming passengers are received outside the arrival lounge of the international airport as government regulations do not allow hosts to enter the airport.

How do I identify your representative?

Our representative can be easily identified as they will be displaying your name or that of the group

What do I do if I am unable to locate your representative? Is there an alternate method to contact your representative?

Attentive Holidays staff will be present before your flight lands in the airport and will be waiting for you, but in case you are unable to locate them, you should ask any authority person also You should keep the contact number of your email correspondent as well, in case of anything.

After meeting your representative, will I be taken to the vehicle immediately or do I have to wait for other travelers who have also booked a transfer?

We provide separate transfer by separate private vehicles to our different clients coming at the same time.

Do I carry my luggage myself?

As the guests can meet our representative only outside the arrival lounge, they have to carry their luggage in the trolleys through the customs up to the exit point on their own. However, porters are available outside, should you need any assistance.

On arrival at the hotel, does your representative escort them to the front desk and assist them in check-in formalities?

The guests will be escorted to the hotel's front office and our representative will assist them in the check-in formalities.

During Transfer:

What vehicles are used for transfers? Are they air-conditioned?

Our fleet consists of a/c as well as non a/c cars, mini vans and coaches. The type of vehicle provided for a particular transfer depends the size and strength of the arriving group.

During Stay:

Whom should I contact during my stay?

You will have to stay in touch with your email correspondent for any further requirement or queries. The contact details can be found in any email that you have received from our special online correspondent.

If I book sightseeing tours, are they provided with vouchers/pick-up information?

As we have only organized tours for our clients, they do not need vouchers for their sightseeing.

Should I bring my own medicine?

Please consult your doctor. If you are taking any particular medicines, it would be best to bring these with you.


We suggest that you bring a suitcase to Nepal in which you have a zip-down duffel bag and small duffel overnight bag. The suitcase can be left in Kathmandu with your town cloths. The duffel bags travel with you to your trek/rafting and jungle clothes. The small overnight bag is used for the rafting.

For rafting :

Flip-flops, sandals, or booties while rafting (barefoot is OK too), tennis shoes with socks for evening during Dec/Jan/Feb otherwise flip-flops or sandal are warm enough. T-shirt bathing suit, and light-weight shorts during the day (they will get wet so nylon shorts dry the fastest); track suit or trousers and a sweat-shirt for the evening (warm sweater or jacket during the winter months); an overnight bag to bring these clothes to the campsite, Note: all your belongings will be transferred from Pokhara/Kathmandu/Chitwan. What ever you don't need at the campsite will be kept in our vehicle which is guarded at all times.

For trekking :

A pair of comfortable water resistant hiking boots, shorts, t shirts, trousers, wind sheeter, warm jackets, trousers, flip flops, caps, sunglasses, sun screens, water bottles, personal medicine.

For Chitwan :

Your walking boots and evening shoes; light-weight long trousers and long-sleeved shirt for safaris; short sleeved shirt and shorts for daytime in between safaris; casual clothes for the evenings.

How much currency will I need?

The government authorized currency exchanges are available in most cities and towns. If you are shopping in Kathmandu most department stores accept credit or debit cards.

Electricity :

The current is 220V/50 cycles. Sockets have either three round pairs or two thick round pains. If you are traveling with electrical appliance, an international converter kit and a set of adapter plugs will be required. Alternatively, it is more practical to travel with battery-operated appliance, where possible as the country is going through a serious power crisis. While on trek, you can recharge your batteries in some lodges as they use generators. Electricity might not be available on all trekking routes.

Can I drink the water?

Do not drink tap water or stream water. All lodges/hotels can supply boiled and filtered drinking water. You can also buy bottled water in most places.

What alcoholic beverages are available in Nepal?

Nepal produces different types of bottled beer. Most restaurants and hotels in cities will have local and imported beer and alcohol.

Can I avail the facility of phone/fax/e-mail in Nepal?

A good standard communication system is readily available in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. Fax is not available while rafting or on trek. Local cell phone sim cards are also available and will work in most cities and towns. If the cell phones don't work most villages already have phone lines.

Can I get a visa on arrival?

Yes, you can obtain your entry visa upon arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. You need 2 passport size photographs and the visa fee.